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In the past 40 years, Jerry has facilitated over 1,000 groups, including 385 3-day Community Building Workshops and a number of training events. He has had over 100,000 people in his groups from 34 states and 5 countries. He has 3,000 hours circ;e time, listening to people tell their stories. More than 4,000,000 people have visited this website . Many visits are by students at higher learning schools and colleges. They use the material to learn about group dynamics.

Jerry had group dynamics training from a number of people. The primary ones are:

Dr. Rev. Cecil Osborne, founder of Yokefellow's Spritual Growth groups
Dr. Elton Trueblood, founder of Quaker groups,
Dr. Parker Palmer, speaker, author
Rev. Mike Murray, motovational speaker,
Dr. Scott Peck, Community Building
Marvin Allen expert in male dynamics, addictions, wild man groups,
Rev. Marshall Hampton, a mentor

    Jerry began group facilitation in 1973 when he trained phone counselors in how to listen and be compassionate on the phone for Tarrant County Contact Teleministry (CONTACT). Contact was a crisis intervention hot phone line for depressed people considering suicide. He trained 200 phone counselors over 4 years. He also worked 7 years on phone for about 2000 hours of counseling. He and his wife attended 3 international conventions to learn more about suicide and grief.

    Yokefellows: In 1975, Jerry started facilitating Yokefellows Spiritual Growth groups. He received formal training about small groups from Dr. Cecil Osborne, of Yokefellow's Inc. In the 80's, Jerry formed more than 50 small "community-share" and "spiritual growth" groups. This included 9 Yokefellow groups in his church. He facilitated one group for 9 years. In the 80's, Yokefellow's had over 10,000 small groups worldwide.

    One Day Workshops: In the late 70's Jerry started presenting a one-day workshop titled Unconditional Love. This lead to creating other group workshops with titles such as:

    • Reaching Out
    • Unconditional Love
    • Communications-Key to Meaningful Relationships
    • Builders and Barriers in Relationships
    • Listening Skills for Individuals and Groups
    • Creative Chaos
    • Group Dynamics Process
    • Small Group Facilitation Skills

    He developed relationship/communications workshops with many special designs and exercises to meet specific needs of each group. Hampton and Associates was formed in the late 80's to market these workshops.

    Community Building: In 1987, Dr. M. Scott Peck MD selected Jerry for intensive training as a facilitator of the various Community Building workshops for Peck's Foundation for Community Encouragement (FCE). Jerry facilitated the Community Building Workshops (CBW) and the Community Building Skills Seminars (CBSS) for over 20 years on a paid professional level. He also did facilitator training. He has done CB workshops in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Mexico and England and in 34 U.S. states, retiring from this work in 2010. He resigned from FCE in early 1997. Jerry takes a highly professional approach to facilitation. He has taught group facilitation skills in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the U. S.

    His most recent workshops were with youth in prison in New Orleans and prison staff training in Tennessee. He also did training of their staff in community building methods. (See more here) He trained facilitators of Project Return, a group that did special community building for people that have spent time in jail and are trying to rebuild their lives. (See more here)

    Wild Man: In the middle 80’s, Jerry was part of the national “Wild Man” efforts for around 5 years. He facilitated several men’s only groups. In addition, he attended several national conventions for Wild Man where they would have a number of break out groups to learn about personal growth and men’s issues. One of the main subjects was how to get men to attend small groups and not leave. He participated in Wild Man camp-outs in Texas where around 160 men would attend for 3 days and two nights in the wild learning about themselves. One of the exercises was a ”Passage Into Manhood” where Jerry took the part of a wise old elder of the group that gave the men their “challenge” to “go become a man”. This was very effective for men that did not think there were real men. It was an enjoyable time.

    In 1993, Jerry wrote a book, Ongoing Community --Formation and Maintenance (out of print) to help small groups with their process by providing community building resources/methods. Many groups used the book to start their groups. In addition, he helped start a many continuing groups out of the workshops. Many of these are still meeting today. This website has much of that book.

    Jerry wrote a chapter in the book, "The Fire of Large Groups", about the community building process. The chapter title was: "Exploration Into Personal Interspace". This chapter is included on this website.

    I want to thank the many people that helped me along the way with their widsom, encouragement, and skills. Particular people that got me started were Rev. Mike Murry and his wife Mary. Mike was a "quiet" mentor with great skills. Mary taught me about feelings and trusted me. Another is the Rev. Marshall Hampton (no relationship) with his timely wisdom that seemed to be there just when I needed it.

    Some of my trainers: I attended many weekend workshops live with the following people over a period of years. I was always searching for workshops that would improve my skills. I attended about 1,800 hours of extended training at a personal cost of around $60,000.

    The number in parenthesis is the number of times I had workshops with this person followed by the primary subjects.

    • Rick Warren (1) (religion & addiction & relationships) 2012
    • John baker (1) (religion & addiction & relationships) 2012
    • Dr. Henri J. M. Nouwen (multiple times) (religion)
    • Dr. Fr. John Powell (2) (religion & compassion & grief)
    • Keith Miller (multiple times) (religion & relationships)
    • Dr. Elton Trueblood (3) (religion & relationships & group dynamics)
    • Pia Mellody (2) (addictions, codependency, relationships)
    • Dr, William Glasser (1) (suicide, addiction, mental illness, grief)
    • Dr.Elizabeth Kuber Ross (2) (grief, death and dying)
    • Dr.Scott Peck (30) (psychology, addictions, group dynamics)*
    • John Bradshaw (4) (psychology, addictions, & relationships)
    • Dr. Harville Hendrix (1) (marriage, parenting, psychology, Imago)
    • Dr. Wayne Dyer (1) (individual dynamics & psychology)
    • Stephen R. Covey (1) (group dynamics & relationships)
    • Richard Bandler & John Grinder (1) (NLP)
    • Dr, Patch Adams (2) (humor & medicine & relationships)
    • Dr. Sam Keen (1) (male dynamics & individual growth & relationships)
    • Dr. Cecil Osborn (2) (group dynamics, relationship, religion, Yokefellows)
    • Dr. Jean Houston (3) (psychology & group dynamics)
    • Dr. O. Cark Simonton (2) (health)
    • Dr. Parker Palmer (2) (religion & relationships, grief)
    • Dr. Larry Dossey (1) (soul)
    • Gary Zukav (3) (Soul & group dynamics & relationships)
    • Dr. Matt Weinstein (1) (healing dynamics of play)
    • Dr. Leo Buscaglia (3) (love and relationships)
    • Marvin Allen (5) (male dynamics, addictions, wild man)
    • John Lee (2) (male dynamics, addictions, wild man)
    • Jed Diamond (1) (male dynamics, wild man)
    • Robert Bly (2) (male dynamics, wild man)
    • James Kavanaugh (1) (poetry, male issues, addiction)
    • Dr. Paul King (1) (drugs, sex, & addictions)
    • Dr, Lynda Love (1) (men’s sexuality)
    • Joyce Landorf (1) religion & relationships)
    • Dr. Stephen Rechtschaffen (1) (use of time)

    * These were a requirement to maintain proficiency for the FCE workshops.

    CULTURES: There were a number of different cultures in the workshops and you had to learn the characteristics of these to adapt certain parts of the workshops to their needs. Some of the cultures identified were:

    • Mid-Western
    • Texan
    • New England
    • Californian – Berkley
    • Californian –
    • Deep South
    • New Orleans, African American
    • Northern, African American
    • Australian
    • Northern Germany
    • Southern Germany
    • Eastern Germany
    • Asian
    • UK city
    • South Eastern Canadian
    • Religious
    • Fanatical Religious
    • Religious Cults
    • New Yorkers
    • Communal living

    By profession, Jerry was a manager of people for over 40 years, primarily in the publishing field, with budget responsibilities of over 125 million dollars in a year (2010 dollars) and supervision of 125 specialized people. Jerry retired from Northrop-Grumman Corporation of Dallas Texas in 1995 to do the relationship workshops full time. Jerry wrote many technical books during his publications career including a number of pilot's manuals. Jerry was a military and commercial pilot and flew more than 25 different airplanes, with over 3,000 hours total time.

    Jerry is a family man with four adult children and nine grandchildren and three great grand children, all living close to his home in Arlington Texas, except for one grandchild that is dead. He is presently 84 years old. Family life and church occupies much of his time. His wife, Marjorie Hampton, was a family therapist and retired as Director of a private church sponsored preschool in June 2005. Her school, with an enrollment of 220 students, was the only church school in Arlington to be nationally accredited by NAEYC. Marge also does workshops related to preschools, Emotional Intelligence, and resiliency among children.

    Jerry has always been active in his church and was a session member and deacon in the Presbyterian Church. Jerry and Marjorie are now members of the First United Methodist Church in Mansfield TX. as are twelve members of their family. Jerry serves as a Stephen Minister, Care Chaplin. He has facilitated step groups in the Celebrate Recovery program. He and his wife are Sunday School teachers for a group ages 50-85.

    Jerry has a B. S. Degree in Technical Journalism from Kansas State University. He has been a lifetime member of the journalistic organization: Sigma Delta Chi. He was an Eagle scout. His wife Marge, has a B.A. degree in education and a MS in Social Work and Therapy, specialty is early childhood learning. See Marge's website here: http://www.believeinfamily.com

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